How to Own Your Future Self?

To learn how to own your future self, you must first realize that the present self is not static. People tend to have a cognitive bias when it comes to their opinions about their future selves. We all tend to think that who we are today is the self that will always be. But that's very far from the truth, simply because if we stopped for a moment and remembered ourselves ...

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5 Rituals to Bypass Burnout Working As a Hybrid Entrepreneur

If you are fortunate enough to have a great career, reasonable benefits, and a fantastic salary that you can't afford to give up, but also harbor entrepreneurial ambition for something outside of your line of work, you're not alone. When people have long-standing passions or pursue new ones, they frequently come to the crossroads of giving up the comfort of their 9-to-5 to explore their passions or to shelve their ...

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How to Understand And Manage Stress at Work

Work-life comes with its own set of anxieties. This is normal, but you shouldn't let yourself be overwhelmed by stress either. Here are some easy ways to manage stress at work. What is stress? It is a state caused by disturbances (physical, psychological, emotional) - which can end up in real aggression depending on the degree of intensity - on our body. Stress can have multiple consequences, positive or negative, even harmful. ...

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6 Clever Steps to Market Your Business for Less

You certainly want to market a business with a minimum budget. A person without any understanding of the market will not get ready to agree with you that the business with such a little amount can be marketed. However, business experts strongly believe that it is possible. You can market your small business with an amount of less than $ 100 dollars however you have to follow some of the ...

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Learn How to Create A Work-Life Balance That Will Improve Your Mental Health?

Creating a work-life balance is emotionally fulfilling because your body, mind, and soul all have their needs satisfied. As a professional woman, losing the balance between these two can be quite emotionally draining. In our day and age, it’s easy to lose track of one aspect and only concentrate on the other. You might feel too consumed by your professional career, which is a good thing. You will feel fulfilled on ...

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5 Ways to Lighten the Mood at Your Next Conference

Hosting a conference is a big deal for most people. You put the word out and hope that people will not only show up but have a good time as well. However, conferences can sometimes end up being dull, especially if it’s something work-related that your guests were obligated to attend. If you’re feeling a bit nervous while planning your next big event, here are five ways to lighten the ...

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6 Ways to Overcome Self-doubt and Build a Profitable Business

When the grip of self-doubt catches you in its stranglehold everything seems hopeless sometimes. Self-doubt can be quite crippling from time to time. And if you're having a business or considering having one, self-doubt can be quite a serious obstacle. You might have lots of great ideas that you don't put into good use just because you're always overwhelmed with self-doubt. It's hard to proceed in life, especially when the ...

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Psychology for Entrepreneurs: How to Stop Breaking Your Goals

Undoubtedly, procrastination is a great hurdle on the way to success. You need to stop procrastination to achieve your goals on time. The goals you set in your life need timely effort and concentration. Most of your tasks are connected to the other persons in your field; you complete your task and the other person takes his/her turn. The delay on your part causes a great disturbance in the chain ...

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