July 5, 2022
have a good time - How mindfulness can help busy moms cope with information overload

How Mindfulness Can help Busy Moms Cope With Information Overload?

Mindfulness can encourage a happier and calmer home!

Nowadays, mothers have plenty of demands and time constraints that can cause stress as well as tension build-up. It may be fatigue from spending hours driving, or it may be sleep deprivation from children waking up in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, there is a lot of work for moms like there are lunchboxes to be packed, homework to be done, dishes to be washed. In such a situation, some moms are really turning to mindfulness and meditation. They are doing this to reduce stress, get a better night’s sleep and be a better listener for their children.
It is a fact that enjoying the individual moments of our lives is a challenge. In fact, information overload from tweets, status updates, the TV, and emails, combined with the constant stress of work and personal life are all challenges. There is information flooded everywhere from the subway station to the grocery store. Back in 1976, there were approximately 9000 products in the average grocery store. But now, that number is over 40,000. This is a sign of the age where information overload is everywhere.

Setting an example

According to Maggie Dent, a parenting educator, one of the benefits of practicing mindfulness is that it becomes a form of “role-modeling” for children. She says that when we prioritize taking care of us, we are showing our children that we matter. Busy moms can cope with information overload by pausing and taking three deep breaths as a calming exercise. This will ease the stress of the daily routine. Moreover, mindfulness can also help the mothers to quiet the frantic thoughts from a busy day and aim for a good night’s sleep.
Mindfulness can encourage a happier and calmer home. Practicing small mindfulness activities throughout the day will encourage the children to mimic this behavior and make them happier and calmer.


Mindfulness Tips

Following are the mindfulness tips that can help busy moms cope with information overload.

1- Set aside time just to be

The simplest and most effective mindfulness tip is to set aside time just to be. The daily schedules of our mothers usually consist of work, family time, and chores, for example, making dinner, cleaning up and so on. They are constantly doing something. And when they are not working, they are usually watching TV, checking their emails, or surfing the internet. In other words, we can say that there is next to no time in which they are just being. Therefore, it is very important for busy moms to set aside time when they are not doing anything other than simply being. They can do this by sitting in the garden, watching the birds, listening to the waves at the beach, taking a walk through nature. In fact, these are some wonderful ways for moms to live in the present moment and to just be.

2- Practice meditation

The second best way for busy moms to deal with information overload is meditation. Meditation is considered as a powerful remedy as it is the opposite of information overload. For busy moms, any focused meditation (a meditation in which we are focused on one isolated thing) will help counteract the effects of information overload. They can also practice breathing meditations. Such activities can quieten their mind, increases focus and removes all that unnecessary information.

3-   Try a few exercises

-Focus on your breathing
-Pay attention to the small moments
-Aim for more sleep


Nowadays, there is too much information. There is too many stimuli, too much pressure, and then all of those things together make moms become ungrounded. In this situation, mindfulness can help them. It can make a house a more loving and fun place.