July 5, 2022
Let your kids fail. You’ll be doing them a favor

Provide A Great Favor To Your Children Let Them Fail.

Bringing up a kid by following some strict rules is not possible. All the kids are not the same to be treated in the same way. Also, you cannot put your own example in front of your kids; since your time was different than the present time and challenges. You used to get satisfied with just a lollipop whereas a kid of today has a lot of demands by virtue of learning a lot from the screen (of TV, computer, and smartphone). The title of the article; “Let your kids fail; you will bring them a favor” carries a meaningful approach towards your kids’ success. Let’s try to understand some more to educate our kids in a better way.

What you actually want of your kid

Before grooming your kid, you need to be determined what you actually want of your kid?  Do want to see your kid always standing first in the class and in every field of life following your ideas or do you want to let your kid make a mistake, learn and take decision according to the situation? There are two different ways to groom your kids. Both ways need attention.

Are you the master-mind of your kid’s activities?

            Most of the parents want to fulfill their unfulfilled desires in the lives of their kids. Of course, they committed blunders in their lives and they don’t want their kids to do the same. No doubt you are the responsible parents and you are doing well for the betterment of your kids. You want to see your standing first in the class. You also want to see your kid making standing first in every field of life. You certainly want to ward off the failure of your kid’s life. Also, it is your desire to let your kid avail of every facility of life. You are right at your position. Being parents you cannot see your kid fail in life.

 However, do you think that you have become the master-mind of your kid’s activities? Your kid has started to live your life following your ideas. Do you think your kid is satisfied with the success you have helped him get? Your kid is not successful; you are successful as you have set the standards of success in the life of your kid without knowing what he actually wants to do. Most of the people are not satisfied with their lives despite reaching high positions. They wanted something else but their parents forced them to make the struggle for the particular profession that would help them earn a lot of money. They got money but they could not become good professionals.

Let Your Kids Fail        

Despite getting every luxury of life and despite reaching the top position of society, if a person is not satisfied with his/her life, you certainly need to know what actually the matter is. As parents, you become the mastermind of your kids’ activities that deprives him/her of the real taste of life. Let your kid fail to feel the importance of success. Failure is not a curse; it teaches your kid a lot. Despite too many achievements in his life your kid starts learning right at the time when he suffers from failure. The first failure in the life of your kid is the first step towards maturity.

Let your kids fail. You’ll be doing them a favors

Your Kid Gets Matured after Failure

Success is not a solid object that you get by paying a certain amount of money. Nor can it be achieved by following certain rules. The success could not be defined with certainty by the great philosophers of the world. You should not force your kids to do something for success. Try to convince them and let them make their own decisions. Despite making the mistake your kids will be able to learn a lot. It is the time when a kid gets matured. You need to understand that mistakes occur all through life. No stage in your life comes when you say that you cannot make a mistake. The mistakes and failure in your kids’ life let him feel about the importance of success. Also, the failure lets your kid understand the feelings of others who get failed. If you stop imposing your ideas on your kids you help them better understand the importance of success; they make mistake; they suffer from failure and eventually, they avail of the true success enjoying the true taste of life that is sweet and bitter side by side.


Success is not a solid object that can be bought with money. Your kid has to reach success by facing too many failures. Let your kid make a mistake; let it fail, you will be doing it a favor. Your kid gets matured after a failure indeed.