July 5, 2022
Natural Pain Relief Options for Birth

Natural Pain Relief Options for Birth

You have decided you want a natural birth. That’s wonderful! You have researched your choices, come to understand the benefits of an intervention-free labor, and are committed to having the birth of your dreams.

At this point, you are in good company if your next thought is, “But what about the pain?” In a culture that often views birth as a frantic medical emergency, it can be hard to fathom how you will deal with such an intense experience on your own.

Before we jump into some of the natural pain-relief options you can explore, it is important to note that labor pain is not the same as emergent, unexpected pain such as a broken arm. The body is equipped with an intricate and effective system of hormones that, if left undisturbed, will provide you with rising levels of pain-relieving hormones as the intensity of labor builds.

This list is just a brief overview of some of the many natural pain relief options available. If you are planning an intervention-free birth, it’s a good idea to set aside some time to learn about each of these options in more depth.


Walking, swaying, squatting, rocking on hands and knees…all of these are things that women in labor will do naturally when they are allowed freedom of movement. Unrestricted movement allows you to follow your body’s lead and work with the sensations of labor, instead of against them. It can also help facilitate a smoother labor, as you will naturally find positions that allow your baby the most room to descend.


Laboring in warm water is a wonderful way to manage labor pain without the use of medication. Whether it is a shower or birthing tub, being in water is a very popular and effective way of coping during labor for many women. You may want to check with your care provider to see what options they have available.


Mindset makes more of a difference than you may think when it comes to birth. Shifting your focus away from fear and into a place of inner calm can quite literally make the difference between a panic-filled, complicated labor and a calm, natural birth. Cultivating birth knowledge, your own intuition, and inner confidence are all key pieces of a positive birthing mindset.


Self-hypnosis, or going into trance, is a very effective pain-management tool for labor and birth. However, it is a tool that many women decide not to use because of the complicated and time-intensive classes about hypnobirthing.

Midwife and clinical hypnotherapist Michelle Brain created a course to provide a simpler, more accessible way to use self-hypnosis in labor. Birthing in Trance is an affordable online course that will teach you everything you need to know about shifting your mindset to prepare for labor, and provide you with easy, quick ways to enter into a trance as a pain-relief method during labor.

To find out more, start with Michelle’s FREE Natural Birth Video Guide.