July 23, 2021

RepairSmith: Car Repair Delivered to Your Place and More…

RepairSmith, the best company in the repair and maintenance of vehicles. Innovation has reached the auto repair sector. RepairSmith is the best mobility solution on the market. We are the best online vehicle repair company in the USA, managing more than 200,000 repairs so far. Our users trust us because we repair the main fleets of vehicles in the country and because we are the easiest and most affordable repair option.

The process is very simple. You enter our platform and indicate your registration along with your contact information. In a few minutes and with totally personalized advice. The user receives his budget for the repair of the vehicle, which entails a series of advantages when doing it with a workshop with as much business volume as ours. 

We offer repair services to those users who go to the Internet to find out what it costs to repair their car and who, far from comparing estimates or looking for workshops. Find on our site a complete and reliable solution to any repair or maintenance that their vehicle needs, also offering mobility alternatives, reducing waiting times, and making us fully responsible for the repair.

RepairSmith has become a benchmark within its sector with a short time to live, how has it been achieved as a startup? 

We are a startup because of the innovation we apply and because of the short life of just over a year- of RepairSmith. But we were already fortunate to have the trust of the best vehicle fleets in the USA. We identify the suitability of offering the same services to private drivers over the Internet. 

Then, with a lot of effort, sacrifice, and surrounding ourselves with a great team involved with a strong commitment to talent and online technology, the results arrive. As in any project, RepairSmith started with little investment and ideas that have been worked on to form an authentic technological platform based on big data applied to the repair sector and a continuous analysis of the behavior of our users to offer, each time, a better service. 

Why choose RepairSmith?

We have many years of experience in the car repair market located in the USA, serving our customers with the highest level of mechanical and human service.  RepairSmith provides compliance, safety, quality in our work, and confidence to keep your vehicle in a better condition.

RepairSmith is a specialized automotive workshop

The best human team specialized in RepairSmith online workshop for the management and revision of each system of your vehicle. We are supported with specific information from the manufacturer and we have state-of-the-art equipment for mechanical workshops.

Diagnostic equipment

RepairSmith mechanical workshop has cutting-edge equipment including updated scanners for vehicle brands such as BMW, Toyota, Audi, Mini cooper, Mercedez Benz, Porche, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Jeep, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nisan, Renault, Suzuki, which provides the most confident diagnostic result for your car.

Original replacement parts

We work with allied and reliable suppliers to guarantee our clients high quality original spare parts at competitive prices, generating trust and safety for your vehicle.

Do not forget that for greater confidence all your spare parts are covered by our guarantee policy, in this way we give you all the guarantees that you require.

What advantages does the RepairSmith procedure offer users?

The main advantage is trust. The user trusts a workshop that has already carried out more than 200,000 repairs and in which the large fleets of the country have left all the management of their repairs. That is, they leave their car in the hands of experts. Our mechanics and repair technicians supervise and work with countless cases a day. Mechanics, sheet metal, and paint, which means that we can solve practically any type of situation.  

Concerning the conventional workshop, RepairSmith gains, on average, two days for each repair, optimizing times. Also, we streamline the procedures with the user by sending all the information to their email and allowing them to pay for their repair when and how they want, saving thanks to our greater volume of business. 

These are the reasons why we have been the best in repairs for more than five years. It is a question of transparency, of knowing this sector like nobody else and leaving nothing to chance. 

The comfort and confidence that our technicians offer. We always adapt to the needs of each client, both in terms of location and time, as well as economically. RepairSmith’s mission is to generate peace of mind and trust in our clients through honesty and teamwork, with high-quality standards in the processes that allow them to maintain and deliver their vehicles in optimal conditions.