The Chemicals In Beauty Products And How They Are Harming The Women

pik7 - The Chemicals In Beauty Products And How They Are Harming The Women

The packaging of cosmetic and personal care products might be enticing but each beauty product you see comes with chemicals that can harm you in ways that you cannot even imagine. Yes, you read it right, and now it’s high time for people and especially for females to know and spread awareness about these harmful chemicals and what they can do to you.

Here, by “harm”, we aren’t talking about minor issues like headaches or nausea, etc, in fact, by the word “harm” we are referring to diseases like breast cancer and fertility issues, etc. Have you ever wondered why is that so many women are falling victim to breast cancer and why is the fertility issue growing at a rapid pace? Well, you might be shocked to hear that most of these issues are a result of the chemical mixtures used in beauty products.

What researches say about the Chemicals in your day to day products…

Recently, the researchers a George Mason University discovered the links between the chemicals used in the beauty products and the changes occurring in the reproductive hormones among women. Researches conducted a study on a total of 143 women aged from 18 to 44 and had perfect health conditions. Their urine was tested and those women with the presence of parabens, benzophenones and bisphenol A in their urine had abnormal amounts of reproductive hormones, both progesterone, and estrogen.

Now, if you make some study on the major chemicals used in the beauty products then you’ll know that they all are full of parabens, benzophenones, and bisphenol A., On the other hand, the excessive presence of estrogen is somehow linked to unstable menstrual periods and it also prevents the maturing of eggs.

The point is that now even the research shows that these beauty products are dangerous for you and it’s high time for people to stop using these products or soon they will end up with extremely difficult and dangerous consequences.

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