July 5, 2022
The Secret That Changed The Life Of A Woman

The Secret That Changed The Life Of A Woman

Note: This is a guest post written by one of our blog readers who wanted to share her story with us.

As usual and as we have always done, we intend to give tips about fashion and to discuss issues that concern women and beauty that’s why I want to share my own experience and I hope that I could be useful for you.
I’m a young girl 25 years old, good looking with a soft silky hair and always well dressed, wherever I go I attract men who can’t stop admiring my sculpted body, and as a young girl, it makes me happy to be attractive and sexy.

So what’s wrong?

My major problem is that I’m not tall enough; I’m just 1,50 m of height; I always need to wear high heels (more than 8 cm), and as we know it’s not very useful to put pumps usually, moreover flat shoes make me feel uncomfortable because of my tallness.
I was obsessed with the idea to get taller, I saw a doctor (endocrinologist) who prescribed some blood analysis and recommended some medicines; I started to play basketball and doing fitness exercises. Unfortunately, there is no result!

I made several pieces of research on the internet, I find out that the only real solution which exists is to make a surgery: a painful medical procedure which is done by breaking the bone … this unique treatment of shortness is widely expensive and requires a long duration of bed rest which is not possible due to my work.

My ultimate solution:

Because of my wardrobe doesn’t contain only dresses and skirts also because of it practically impossible for me to spend my lifetime wearing high heels, I started putting shoes elevator or lifts which are hidden inside the shoe, this wonderful invention offers me the opportunity to have good posture even while wearing sneakers or boots. Lifts are invisible only a few people note that “I have growth overnight”.

What I really did is I equipped all my shoes with this magical item, consequently, my heights increased with more than 8 cm so I get more self-confidence and  I’m not anymore feeling uncomfortable with my shortness.

This article is simple feedback from my own experience, not a promotion for this product or advertisement for a specific company. The reason why I wrote it is to get people informed of an alternative way to increase the height without having surgery